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Our basic motto is to provide exclusive training in stock market to everyone involved in Investing. EChartar 9.0 is an exclusive product of Fedify Technologies Private Limited introduced to provide market support to all kind of investors. It takes years for a person to understand investing - Fedify minimizes it. Fedify Technologies Private Limited is a premium Financial Edification Technology & Training firm involved in creating awareness in share market for existing investors and new entrants. The art of safe investment and minimal loss is the main concern for us.

We strongly believe that “Success starts with solid foundation”. As a financial markets training and education company, we create awareness to people about the Indian markets growth. Our mission is to take stock market and its opportunities in Tamil and all available regional languages to everyone all over the world. There are huge number of people from southern India are very much interested in participating in Indian stock market. Even with strong financial background they are unable to participate. This is due to lack of proper guidance and language comfort ability. Hence, we are providing proper step by step assistance in Tamil on trading in stock market, to become a successful trader.

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